Five Mistakes That Can Detract From Efficiency In Diesel Tractor Trailers

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Small efficiency advantages with your diesel truck fleet could drastically improve your bottom line. Fuel consumption is likely to be an expense of primary importance with even smaller fleets.

That's why you need to do everything you can to maximize efficiency and avoid mistakes that increase your fuel costs. The following are five mistakes to avoid to improve the efficiency of your diesel tractor trailer trucking operation:

Running a tractor trailer with an incorrect gear ratio

The gear ratio of a vehicle's transmission should accommodate the typical operating speed of that vehicle. 

To arrive upon the right gear ratio for your vehicles, you need to determine what the optimal top speed and cruising speed of your vehicles should be. A truck that needs to run off road will inevitably run at lower speeds on average than a tractor trailer handling cross country journeys on the highway. 

You should purchase a diesel tractor trailer that is best suited to the typical operating speeds your fleet vehicles will need to be running at. When selecting equipment, look for trucks that have optimal manufacturer recommended cruising speeds that accommodate your needs. 

Failing to evenly distribute the load across the trailer

The most efficient way to distribute your loads across your vehicles' trailer is evenly. Unevenly distributed loads could result in weight distributions that take extra effort and fuel to transport. Unevenly distributed loads also have the additional adverse effect of potentially leading to cargo damage en route. 

Not using wind deflectors to make the surface of the tractor trailer more aerodynamic

Wind deflectors placed around tractor trailer parts including the sides of the trailer, above the tractor can, and above the rear door improve the aerodynamics of tractor trailer assemblies. This allows vehicles to travel while consuming less fuel. 

Always filling gas tanks to maximum capacity

A tracter trailer diesel tank can have a maximum capacity of hundreds of gallons. It's important to note that a gallon of diesel weighs around 7 pounds. This means that filling your tank to maximum capacity can add a lot of weight that your tractor trailers have to pull.

If you keep your diesel tanks half full, you can drastically decrease the weight of the loads diesel trucks need to carry. 

Using tires that are not the optimal size

The selection of your tractor trailer tires is very important. Choosing tires for your tractor that mismatch the height of trailer tires can detract from the aerodynamics of the tractor trailer assembly and reduce the friction between the roadway surface and the tires.

Be vigilant about your tire selection and match up tractor and trailer tires carefully to maximize efficiency. Visit a site like for more information.