How To Polish And Seal Paint Holes

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Chips, scratches and peels in your car paint are inevitable. There is nothing you can do to prevent small rock chips, but you can fix them as soon as possible. If you let a hole in your paint job remain, it could end up being very difficult and costly to fix. Many people are reluctant to try and fix paint chips because they are worried about creating further damage. However, if you have the right tools, you can learn to patch and seal your auto body before it becomes problematic. This article will explain how to buff out paint defects and reseal them to protect against rusting.

Using a Polishing Pad

A polishing pad attachment for your power drill is great for small repairs. Most pads are made out of wool so they are soft and they will not scratch the car. However, if you polish for long enough, you can eventually remove the paint from the car. You can use it to smooth out an uneven surface or peeled paint. Then, you will want to use it again to polish out the patch after it dries. The polishing pad, set at a higher speed, will create a shinier finish. This is important for matching the sheen of the existing auto body.

First, you want to lightly polish the damaged area. This will create a smooth surface for the auto body paint to stick to.

Sealing with Auto Body Paint

The hole in your paint needs to be sealed, especially if the metal underneath is exposed. Auto body touch-up paint is very easy to work with if you buy the right product. Look for the factory replacement cans from the dealership so you know the color will match. These cans are quite small, so they are only ideal for small paint touch ups. They will not leave behind a perfectly flat and matching paint finish, but they will cover up the damaged paint. This is why you need to get the polisher back out. If you polish with care, you can work on the paint until it looks more uniform. Even if you do not get the paint and texture to match perfectly, at least you will be resealing the paint and reducing the chance of rusting.

This simple repair might not be a suitable long term solution if you want your car to look factory new. But it is a good way to protect your car until you can afford a professional paint job. For professional advice, contact a company like Wolverine Automotive.