3 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Vehicle's Glass Repaired

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Crack! If you own a vehicle, chances are you've experienced this painful sound first hand while driving down the road as a rock or other piece of debris has slammed into your windshield. Far from being just unsightly, a small dink in the windshield can rapidly become a huge fracture across the entire sheet of glass, destroying its integrity. Time is absolutely of the essence when getting it repaired, otherwise you might be left with costly replacement being your only option. However, there are some basic things to know before looking for window repairs such as...

Side and Rear Windows Generally Cannot Be Repaired

Side and rear windows are built differently for safety reasons. Unlike your windshield, which will hold together during a collision for the most part, side windows are designed to shatter into really small pieces to avoid cutting up the occupants during an accident. While rear windows distribute the cracks intentionally, making repairs messy and difficult. Either way, if either of these types of windows are damaged on your car it is generally best to replace them right away.

Changing Temperature Is Your Enemy

If you live in a stable climate where the temperature remains relatively the same both day and night you can have a nice time buffer before you need to get repairs. However, if the temperature where you live is erratic, shifting from hot to cold frequently, the lifespan of your window post crack will be drastically reduced. This is due to the fact that the cracks will expand and contract as the temperature goes up and down which can cause the crack to elongate and expand as the glass strains. So, your best bet is to handle and cracks that might form as soon as possible if you live in an unstable environment.

Be Delicate

Most people have a tendency to slam their car's door simply to make sure it closes all the way. However, when there are cracks on the windshield these violent jolts to the car can help spread the crack further across the auto glass than it already is. Likewise, its a wise decision to avoid bumpy roads or potholes, since any stress to the cars body can quite likely result in further tearing of the glass in the window. 

Hopefully by being mindful of these three factors you can avoid poorly thought out repairs or simply making the problem any worse than it already is.