Why Buying A New Car Still Makes Sense

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As the Canadian economy struggled in the last few years, many people switched from buying new cars to buying previously-owned vehicles. The conventional wisdom was that not only were such vehicles less expensive, but they didn't have the steep depreciation that you find with brand new cars. However, there are still many good reasons to buy your car new from the factory.

Benefits of buying a new car

1. Customization. One of the best reasons to buy a brand new car is that you can have it built just the way you want it. You don't have to settle for (and pay for) the options that the original owner wanted on his or her vehicle. You can choose the exterior and interior colors that most appeal to you as well as your favorite audio package, wheel rims and wireless options.

2. Pristine maintenance. Another good reason to opt for a new rather than a used car is that, with a new car, you know exactly how that vehicle has been maintained. You're in control of having it serviced according to the manufacturer's specifications. You don't have to rely on someone else's word that the recommended maintenance has been performed.

3. Newest safety features. New safety features are added each model year. Even a vehicle that's just a few years old may lack side air bags and features like rear view cameras and blind spot monitoring.

4. Better gas mileage. One of the most dramatic advances in car technology over the last few years is the increase in gas mileage. More fuel efficient engines have added an additional 10 MPG to the average car's gas mileage in the last seven years. With the price of gas today, that fact alone could make a new car a better deal than an older model.

5. Dealer incentives. There are a number of attractive dealer incentives to buyers of new vehicles, depending on the season and how many cars that dealer has in inventory. These range from cash back to low or zero interest to merchandise and trips.

While buying a new car isn't the right choice for every driver, driving home in a brand new car isn't just exciting. With a new car, you'll be able to pick the options that best suit your taste and lifestyle as well as know that the car has been properly maintained and has all of the latest safety features.