What Type Of Dent Does Your Car Have?

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If your vehicle was recently damaged, and you now have a dent somewhere that you need repaired, chances are you are going to call-up some local auto body shops for repair quotes. Before you start calling up your local auto body shops, make sure you know what type of dent you have in your vehicle.

The more accurately you can describe the dent, the easier it will be for the auto shops you call to provide you with accurate information about how long and how expensive it will be to repair the dent to your vehicle:

Smooth Dents

A smooth dent is where the metal from your vehicle has been pushed inward, but there are no defining sharp lines around the dent. One of the most common causes of smooth dents is someone leaning against your vehicle. That type of pressure can cause the frame of your vehicle to pop inward.

Large Dents

An auto body shop considers a dent large if one single dent extends across an entire panel of your vehicle. A large dent like this may only go in a little bit in the center and is surrounded with rough edges.

Large dents are actually relatively easy for an auto body shop to fix. Most of the time, they end up replacing the damaged panel with a new panel.

Small Sharp Dents

Sharp dents tend to be small. They are generally caused when something long and narrow hits your vehicle. The metal around the dent may be sticking outward and have sharp edges.

It can actually take an auto body shop more time to repair a small, sharp dent than it takes to repair a large dent due to the location of the dent and the skills and equipment that are needed to fix a small dent.

Creased Dents

A creased dent is essentially a really big small, sharp dents. With a creased dent, the metal of your vehicle  has become deformed and is sticking outwards or inwards. This is the type of dent you see when someone hits the side of your vehicle.

Door Panel Dents

Almost every vehicle ends up with door panel dents. Most door panel dents are caused when someone who is parked next to your vehicle bumps their door into yours. Door panel dents can also be caused by someone backing into your door.

This is a very common repair job that most auto body shops specialize in.

Bonnet Dents

Bonnet dents are little dents that you get on the hood of your vehicle when rocks fly-up from other vehicles and end up hitting your hood.

Just like with small, sharp dents, these little bonnet dents can be a little tricky to remove due to how your hood is composed. Luckily, it is still something that a skilled auto body shop can help you out with.

Examine the dent in your vehicle and determine which description above best fits the dent you are looking at. Then, when you call around for a quote, use the terminology above to describe your dent. This will help the mechanic you are speaking with better understand the damage to your vehicle and provide you with accurate information.

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