If The Car Is Knocking - 3 Common Causes Of Engine Knock In Newer Cars

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Many people consider engine knock to be an imminent and ominous sign that the engine is about to blow or seize up. But is it? You may be surprised to learn that most common causes of engine knock are not scary at all. In fact, most causes are easy to identify and inexpensive to fix if you take your car to the right mechanic.

So, if you hear knocking sounds when you start and drive your car, do not worry until you get the final verdict from your mechanic. Knocking sounds can be caused by low oil levels and a myriad of other benign conditions. Following are three common causes of engine knock in newer cars. 

Carbon Deposits

Combustion causes carbon deposits to form on cylinder walls. While most gasoline contains carbon cleaners for this very purpose, it's still possible for deposits to form despite the cleaners. When this happens, the cylinder becomes more narrow, causing compression to increase. Knocking shortly follows. If your knocking sound is caused by carbon deposits, you can fix it by adding an additive or detergent to your fuel the next time you fill your car up. You can also opt for a higher quality fuel. 

Spark Plugs

If you noticed the knocking sound after having a tune up, you might have the wrong spark plugs on your vehicle. If the wrong spark plugs have been put in your car, they might not be firing and transferring heat properly, which can lead to knocking noises. If you suspect that this is your problem, have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic to see if the right parts were used on your car. If not, the fix is as simple as changing out the wrong spark plugs for the right ones. 

Fuel Rating

Ever wonder why people choose to fill up their cars with the most expensive gasoline? More expensive gasoline has a higher octane rating, which helps engines perform better. If you're filling up your car with low-quality gasoline, your engine can knock. Fortunately, the fix is quite simple. All you have to do is opt for higher quality gasoline or add an octane booster to your fuel tank. 

As you can see, there are many benign causes of engine knocking sounds. If you're experiencing engine knock, have your mechanic perform a thorough inspection. Your fix could be very simple and inexpensive, but you won't know until you have your car looked at. To learn more, contact a company like Dynamic Westside Auto Repair & Transmission with any questions or concerns you have.