Important Signs That You Need To Bring Your Truck In For Repair

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It's never a good idea to wait until your truck stops running altogether before you bring it in for necessary repairs. Neglecting certain work that needs to be done can only make the condition worse and cost you more money for replacement parts down the road. In some cases it can also be dangerous for you when driving. Consider some common signs that you need to bring your truck in for repair.

1. Pulling to one side or steering wheel shaking.

If your tires need an alignment, your truck may pull to one side or your steering wheel may shake and vibrate. The truck will pull to the side of one tire that is off-balance or lopsided. If they are all out of alignment, the steering wheel may shake and vibrate because all four tires are pulling in different directions.

Neglecting an alignment can lead to uneven and excessive wear on the tires and eventually they will all need to be replaced. If you get your tires aligned as soon as you notice a problem, you can save yourself this expense.

2. A sweet smell coming from the engine.

Radiator fluid has a sweet smell and if you can detect this coming from the engine, you may have a leak. The coolant has a greenish tinge so you might check your garage or wherever you park your truck to see if you notice a green puddle on the ground. Because trucks are usually heavier and have larger engines than cars, they overheat more readily, so it's important to get this checked out at once. Ignoring this leak can cause the radiator to overheat and in turn, it may get damaged beyond repair. The engine can also overheat and in some cases need to be completely rebuilt.

Filling the radiator with fluid is not a solution as a mechanic should find the source of the leak and address it. Depending on why the fluid is leaking, it can simply get worse over time, so be sure you take your truck in for service if you detect this odor or fluid on the ground.

3. The brakes are soft.

If your brakes don't grab as well as they should, you need to bring your truck in for an inspection and repair at once. This might be a problem as simple as needing more brake fluid or you may need the pads and rotors replaced, but ignoring this problem can be dangerous. The weight of a truck already makes it more difficult to brake in time when on the road, so any problem with the brakes should be addressed immediately.

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