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3 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Vehicle’s Glass Repaired

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Crack! If you own a vehicle, chances are you’ve experienced this painful sound first hand while driving down the road as a rock or other piece of debris has slammed into your windshield. Far from being just unsightly, a small dink in the windshield can rapidly become a huge fracture across the entire sheet of glass, destroying its integrity. Time is absolutely of the essence when getting it repaired, otherwise you might be left with costly replacement being your only option. However, there are some basic things to know before looking...

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Why Buying A New Car Still Makes Sense

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As the Canadian economy struggled in the last few years, many people switched from buying new cars to buying previously-owned vehicles. The conventional wisdom was that not only were such vehicles less expensive, but they didn’t have the steep depreciation that you find with brand new cars. However, there are still many good reasons to buy your car new from the factory. Benefits of buying a new car 1. Customization. One of the best reasons to buy a brand new car is that you can have it built just the way you want it. You don’t...

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4 Aspects That Could Affect Your Final Repair Shop Quote

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After the body of your car has become damaged, you’ll take it (or have it towed) to an auto body repair shop. Obviously, you’ll experience anxiety, partially because you’ll want to know what the damage is going to cost you.  In a perfect world, a technician would give your car a quick inspection and a firm repair quote, but there are usually other factors involved in how a repair technician arrives at a final repair quote, such as:  How Many Procedures Need To Be Accomplished During The Repair Ideally, all...

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3 Things That You Should Do Before Having Your Car Towed

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If your vehicle is inoperable, you are probably planning on calling a towing company to come out and get your vehicle. However, there are a few things that you should do before your car is loaded up on the tow truck. Make sure that you do these things first, and you can help things go as smoothly and well as possible. 1. Find Out if Your Car Can Be Repaired On-Site First of all, you should find out if the tow truck operator can repair your car on-site rather than towing it and taking it to a repair shop. For example, some tow truck operators...

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Sticky Brake Syndrome: What You Should Know About Stuck Calipers

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Your car’s brake system consists of many different components, but one of the most important aspects of your braking system is the caliper. Calipers use hydraulic pressure, created by the brake fluid, to push the pad to the rotor when you press the brake pedal. Stuck calipers can cause your brakes to function poorly, or not function at all. Here are a few common causes of caliper issues as well as some warning signs that indicate you might need brake service. Causes of Caliper Trouble There are a few common issues that can lead to...

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What Type Of Dent Does Your Car Have?

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If your vehicle was recently damaged, and you now have a dent somewhere that you need repaired, chances are you are going to call-up some local auto body shops for repair quotes. Before you start calling up your local auto body shops, make sure you know what type of dent you have in your vehicle. The more accurately you can describe the dent, the easier it will be for the auto shops you call to provide you with accurate information about how long and how expensive it will be to repair the dent to your vehicle: Smooth Dents A smooth dent is...

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Preparing Your Car For The Junkyard

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When you are selling your car to the junkyard, there are some actions you take to increase your earnings from scrapping your car. There is a lot of work that has to go into getting a car ready to scrap and if this comes out of the junkyard’s pocket, this will equal less money in your pocket. Here’s what you need to do: Find Out If The Junkyard Wants A Dismantled Car Before you dismantle your vehicle, make sure that the junkyard would not prefer to dismantle it themselves. Otherwise, you will not save as much money if you perform...

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4 Things to Check on Your Radiator Hoses When Your Car Is Overheating

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A car that is overheating can quickly break down if you aren’t careful. You should never drive a car when it is overheating; otherwise, major radiator and even engine damage can occur. However, after your vehicle has cooled down, you can pop the hood and take a look at the radiator hoses to see if they are the cause of the problem. If they are, then repairing or replacing them can be an effective way of preventing your car from overheating again. 1. Cracks or Tears First of all, examine your radiator hoses for any cracks or tears. Even...

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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Green Tires

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The idea of living an eco-friendly lifestyle is something most people try to achieve in one way or another. You may have heard of using green tires on your car as a way to help the environment. Before you begin your search for the ideal green option for your tires, there are a few things you should know. Manufacturers of Green Tires The first thing you need to know about green tires are the manufacturers that offer this option. Bridgestone, Goodyear, Firestone, and Michelin have green tires in their tire line. Knowing which companies offer...

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If The Car Is Knocking – 3 Common Causes Of Engine Knock In Newer Cars

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Many people consider engine knock to be an imminent and ominous sign that the engine is about to blow or seize up. But is it? You may be surprised to learn that most common causes of engine knock are not scary at all. In fact, most causes are easy to identify and inexpensive to fix if you take your car to the right mechanic. So, if you hear knocking sounds when you start and drive your car, do not worry until you get the final verdict from your mechanic. Knocking sounds can be caused by low oil levels and a myriad of other benign conditions....

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