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3 Reasons To Consider Installing A Sunroof

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A sunroof is a very popular and versatile addition to any vehicle, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider installing a sunroof on your vehicle. More Light One of the biggest reasons to consider a sunroof is that it can make the interior of your car brighter, which can make the entire vehicle feel much more open. This is especially useful on a long road trip or drive as you or your passengers can often begin to feel cramped or claustrophobic after hours in the vehicle, but the sunroof can help alleviate that by creating an illusion of more space. In addition, the extra light can help sports cars feel more spacious and open as well, which is quite useful when you consider just how small and dark many sports car interiors are. Quieter Air Circulation Another reason to consider a sunroof is that it can make getting air circulating through your car much quieter than using your windows. Quite often when you open multiple windows in the vehicle the sound of air rushing through the car can be quite disruptive, making it difficult for you to listen to the stereo or carry on a conversation. With a sunroof, you can still get that circulation but without all of the loud noise.  High-Tech Options Finally, if you want a sunroof you can get one installed with a variety of optional high-tech options that can make using it more convenient. One example of this is a rain sensor that can automatically close your sunroof if it begins raining while you are out on a drive. This rain sensor can respond more quickly than you might, which means that it is less likely that rain will actually get into your vehicle. Another good option to consider is single-touch open and close functionality. Regular sunroofs will typically require that you hold down the switch while opening or closing the sunroof to completely open or close it, which can be dangerous as you will have to have one hand away from the steering wheel. With a one touch system, you can simply tap the button and put your hand safely back on the steering wheel. Contact your local auto shop or sunroof installation service  TM Custom Auto Trim & Glass Limited – Est. 1958 The Sunroof Specialists today in order to discuss if a sunroof is a good fit for your vehicle or budget. A sunroof can make your vehicle feel brighter and more open while also providing air circulation in a quiet manner. In addition, there are a wide range of high-tech options...

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Don’T Get Left Stranded! Don’t Let Car Repairs Catch You Off Guard

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When the vehicle works, it is easy to not give it a second thought. However, when it stops working, drivers can be stuck in a difficult situation. Here are some ways to make sure you don’t get caught off guard with car repairs.  Save Money Each Month Monthly car payments, insurance and fuel are not the only costs of having a vehicle. It is inevitable that a car owner will have to spend additional money on their vehicle eventually. Vehicles require maintenance in order to continue to run effectively. A vehicle will need an oil change or new tires, and eventually it may need other expensive repairs such as new brakes or a new transmission. Don’t let these things become an emergency that you aren’t prepared for. Put an amount of money away each month so that when a repair is needed, you will be ready financially. Read Your Manual, Know Your Vehicle, and Keep up on Maintenance It is important to know your vehicle and the maintenance that your particular vehicle needs. This information is found in your vehicle’s owner manual. In order to keep your vehicle running it is vital that you keep up on the routine maintenance. It is more expensive to repair a car that has been neglected than it is to pay for the maintenance and upkeep your car needs. This will not only extend the life of your vehicle, but will likely increase the resale value of the vehicle, also.  Don’t Forget About the Tires Check your tire pressure periodically to make sure that it is correct. Your owner’s manual will tell you what the tire pressure should be for your particular vehicle. If your tire pressure is correct, you will get better gas mileage and extend the life of your tires. Rotating your tires is also important in order to keep your car running to the best of its ability. Utilize your Resources Some problems can be figured out without a pricey trip to the shop. If your check engine light comes on, you may not need to rush right in to the shop. Many auto parts shops have a code reader and can read the code.  Some shops will also do this free of charge. Knowing what the code means can help you decide if the issue is something that needs to be taken care of right away. If your code tells you something needs to be repaired, it is in your best interest to get it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem.   For assistance, talk to a professional like City Radiator Service...

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Safety Hazards Of A Cracked Car Windshield

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According to CarWindshield.com, repairing a cracked car windshield can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on the size of the crack or chip. This cost is little to nothing when compared with the cost of your life. Replacing the windshield altogether is more expensive, but still manageable. The hazards of not replacing or fixing your windshield when it is cracked significantly outweigh the cost of repair. So, what exactly are the risks? Fines and Tickets In some states, driving with a cracked car windshield is a ticket-able offense. You could be fined for driving with a damaged windshield because it is a hazard to you and others. Many states also have different insurance reimbursement allotments for your vehicle based on if your windshield was damaged prior to a collision. You might not be covered by your insurance in the event of an accident if your windshield was previously damaged. A large number of states’ insurance policies actually cover a windshield replacement entirely, so it would definitely be worth the drive to get it replaced. Head-On Collision If you have a cracked car windshield and are in a front-end accident, the likelihood of your windshield withstanding the collision is extremely low. The impact could shatter the glass, putting you and any passengers in danger of being impaled with glass or crushed by the weight of the windshield. A cracked windshield is extremely vulnerable and not structurally sound. Roll-Over Accidents In the event of an accident that causes your vehicle to flip, a cracked windshield could be deadly. The windshield provides support to the roof of your vehicle, and if this support is damaged, the roof of your car could crush you. The statistics surrounding deaths by roll-over accidents are dramatically higher in vehicles with cracked or chipped windshields. Airbags and Seat Belts A solid windshield is essential for successful airbag deployment. It provides balance and support for the force of the airbag as it is deployed, thus ensuring the airbag inflates towards the passenger. If the windshield is cracked, the glass could shatter in the event of an airbag deployment, endangering the now unprotected passenger. If the passenger isn’t wearing a seat belt, their odds of being ejected from the car during a collision increases. Car windshields are put into place to protect you and the people in your car. Driving with a cracked windshield is a hazard to everyone involved, and it should be treated as soon as possible. To learn more, contact a company like John’s Auto Body & Auto...

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Benefits Of Alloy Wheels

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When it comes to wheels for your car, your two most basic choices of material are steel and alloy. And, while steel is typically the more common and popular option, alloy wheels actually have quite a few advantages. So, if you’re trying to decide what types of wheels to outfit your vehicle with, you’ll definitely want to at least consider alloy and its many advantages. Smooth and Lightweight To begin with, alloy wheels are much lighter in terms of weight than their steel counterparts. And, what that lightweight quality means for you is that your wheels will be better able to manage bumps, drops, or other issues you encounter on the road. The lighter weight will offer you an improved grip, a smoother ride, and easier acceleration. If you don’t believe that, try taking a car with alloy wheels for a test drive. You can actually feel the difference because the ride will be so much smoother and easier. Attractive Another big advantage to having alloy wheels is that they just plain look better than steel wheels. They maintain that gleaming, shiny quality a whole lot longer than steel and just look more polished in general. Of course, the improved appearance and other advantages do mean that alloy wheels tend to be more expensive than steel wheels, but they also increase the value of the vehicle to which they are attached, so it’s really a trade-off, one that most people feel is well worth it. Customizable If you’re the type of person who wants your car to look unique and different from all the others on the road, you’ll love that alloy wheels can easily be customized, something that can’t be said for steel wheels. While steel wheels come off the assembly line identical and ready to go, alloy is much more flexible and can be cast into a wide range of different designs. This flexibility makes it possible for you to choose from many different looks for your vehicle or even to come up with your own design. Be aware, however, that custom wheels can be expensive. If it’s worth it to you to have a unique looking car, though, the price really shouldn’t affect your decision too much. Efficient As mentioned, alloy wheels have a much easier time accelerating, but that doesn’t just mean a smooth ride for you. No, easier acceleration also means that less gas is used when you push down on that pedal, so you can actually end up saving money in the long run by purchasing alloy wheels. As you can see, there are lots of great benefits to alloy wheels, benefits that most think outweigh the extra cost. Only you can make that decision for yourself, of course, but you’ll certainly want to consider alloy wheels as you shop. To learn more about alloy wheels, contact a company like Calgary tire shop Pro Tire...

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3 Transmission Problems You Need To Watch For

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Transmission problems can happen at any point in time. There are no set times or places for them to occur. They just happen. However, there are warning signs that tell you something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Ignoring these signs is what will get you in trouble and end up costing you a small fortune in repairs. Here are some of the common transmission problems and what you can do to correct them. Fluid Leaks Transmission leaks are often due to a problem in the main component causing the fluid to leak. It could be something like a ruptured vacuum hose, faulty seal, or bad drive shaft that is causing the fluid to leak out of your system. Transmissions need a certain amount of fluid for them to operate properly. If they don’t have an adequate amount, it will cause them to overheat. The best thing you can do is to locate where the leak is coming from and get it taken care of right away. After fixing the leak, you should get your fluid changed so you start fresh. Check your driveway for signs of a leak. Solenoid Issues Solenoids are the piece of your vehicle that helps the fluid to flow through your vehicle’s transmission. This valve can end up becoming damaged due to low fluid levels or irregular flow. Anytime you experience problems shifting and you aren’t experiencing any leaks, you need to look at the solenoid as the next possible issue. When this is likely the issue, your vehicle’s check engine light will go off. The problem often stems from the wires connecting your solenoid to your vehicle’s computer getting damaged in some way. Burnt Fluid Burnt fluid often stems from some type of contaminant getting into the fluid. If the fluid is contaminated, it causes problems with lubrication and cooling. When the fluid is burnt, it emits a strong odor. New fluid will smell sweet. Once the fluid starts smelling like something is burnt, you need to have your vehicle serviced right away. If you ignore the fluid and let it stay in your system, it will start building up a bunch of debris and sludge in your system. At that point, you are doomed to end up with a transmission problem. Don’t ignore your transmission. Do something about it the minute you notice something isn’t right. This is the only way you can prevent a major problem from occurring. For assistance, talk to a professional like Fort Richmond...

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How To Polish And Seal Paint Holes

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Chips, scratches and peels in your car paint are inevitable. There is nothing you can do to prevent small rock chips, but you can fix them as soon as possible. If you let a hole in your paint job remain, it could end up being very difficult and costly to fix. Many people are reluctant to try and fix paint chips because they are worried about creating further damage. However, if you have the right tools, you can learn to patch and seal your auto body before it becomes problematic. This article will explain how to buff out paint defects and reseal them to protect against rusting. Using a Polishing Pad A polishing pad attachment for your power drill is great for small repairs. Most pads are made out of wool so they are soft and they will not scratch the car. However, if you polish for long enough, you can eventually remove the paint from the car. You can use it to smooth out an uneven surface or peeled paint. Then, you will want to use it again to polish out the patch after it dries. The polishing pad, set at a higher speed, will create a shinier finish. This is important for matching the sheen of the existing auto body. First, you want to lightly polish the damaged area. This will create a smooth surface for the auto body paint to stick to. Sealing with Auto Body Paint The hole in your paint needs to be sealed, especially if the metal underneath is exposed. Auto body touch-up paint is very easy to work with if you buy the right product. Look for the factory replacement cans from the dealership so you know the color will match. These cans are quite small, so they are only ideal for small paint touch ups. They will not leave behind a perfectly flat and matching paint finish, but they will cover up the damaged paint. This is why you need to get the polisher back out. If you polish with care, you can work on the paint until it looks more uniform. Even if you do not get the paint and texture to match perfectly, at least you will be resealing the paint and reducing the chance of rusting. This simple repair might not be a suitable long term solution if you want your car to look factory new. But it is a good way to protect your car until you can afford a professional paint job. For professional advice, contact a company like Wolverine...

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4 Survival Tips If Your Car Gets Stuck In Snowy Weather

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Winter is right around the corner. If you live in a cold climate, the arrival of winter likely also means the onset of snow storms and difficult travel conditions. When the roads are covered with snow and ice, it’s a usually a good idea to stay inside and avoid travel. That’s not always possible, though. If you must travel during times of extreme snow and ice, be sure to take caution. If your car gets stuck in snow, you may have to wait for a while before you get help. Here are four tips on how to stay safe while you wait for help: Don’t travel on less than a half tank of gas. Stopping frequently for gas may be inconvenient, but you’ll be thankful you have it if you get stuck. That’s especially true if you’re stuck in a remote area where it’s unsafe to walk for help. Keep your gas tank level at a half-tank or more at all times. That way, you’ll be able to run the car a little while you’re waiting for help to arrive. Don’t run the car continuously. Speaking of running the car, don’t do it nonstop. Yes, it might feel good to have that constant flow of warm air, but that’s also a good way to drain the gas tank. Instead, let your car run just enough to fill the inside with warm air. Once the car is warm, shut the car off. That warm air should last for a good amount of time. Then wait until your cold again and restart the car. By only running the car intermittently, you can save your gas and stay warm at the same time. Avoid the flashers and use the dome light instead. The last thing you’ll want is to sit in the snow in the dark, so it’s important to save your battery. Your flashers are usually a bigger drain on your car than the dome light is, so opt for the inside light instead of the emergency ones. It will likely have the same effect. You can also carry a fluorescent orange and green flag with you at all times and tie it to your antenna or side mirror in an emergency. That will also let emergency crews know that you need help. Carry tow truck numbers with you. Before you leave, take the time to jot down the info for a tow truck company, like Standish Towing & Recovery Ltd, on a piece of paper. Many people rely on their cell phone’s internet service to find towing company numbers, but if it’s a snow storm, you shouldn’t count on internet service working reliably. Have three or four numbers written down so you can call for a truck as soon as you get into trouble. The tow truck company will likely offer you more advice on how to stay safe until the truck arrives. If you follow their instructions, you’ll likely get out of the situation in no...

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3 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Vehicle’s Glass Repaired

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Crack! If you own a vehicle, chances are you’ve experienced this painful sound first hand while driving down the road as a rock or other piece of debris has slammed into your windshield. Far from being just unsightly, a small dink in the windshield can rapidly become a huge fracture across the entire sheet of glass, destroying its integrity. Time is absolutely of the essence when getting it repaired, otherwise you might be left with costly replacement being your only option. However, there are some basic things to know before looking for window repairs such as… Side and Rear Windows Generally Cannot Be Repaired Side and rear windows are built differently for safety reasons. Unlike your windshield, which will hold together during a collision for the most part, side windows are designed to shatter into really small pieces to avoid cutting up the occupants during an accident. While rear windows distribute the cracks intentionally, making repairs messy and difficult. Either way, if either of these types of windows are damaged on your car it is generally best to replace them right away. Changing Temperature Is Your Enemy If you live in a stable climate where the temperature remains relatively the same both day and night you can have a nice time buffer before you need to get repairs. However, if the temperature where you live is erratic, shifting from hot to cold frequently, the lifespan of your window post crack will be drastically reduced. This is due to the fact that the cracks will expand and contract as the temperature goes up and down which can cause the crack to elongate and expand as the glass strains. So, your best bet is to handle and cracks that might form as soon as possible if you live in an unstable environment. Be Delicate Most people have a tendency to slam their car’s door simply to make sure it closes all the way. However, when there are cracks on the windshield these violent jolts to the car can help spread the crack further across the auto glass than it already is. Likewise, its a wise decision to avoid bumpy roads or potholes, since any stress to the cars body can quite likely result in further tearing of the glass in the window.  Hopefully by being mindful of these three factors you can avoid poorly thought out repairs or simply making the problem any worse than it already...

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Why Buying A New Car Still Makes Sense

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As the Canadian economy struggled in the last few years, many people switched from buying new cars to buying previously-owned vehicles. The conventional wisdom was that not only were such vehicles less expensive, but they didn’t have the steep depreciation that you find with brand new cars. However, there are still many good reasons to buy your car new from the factory. Benefits of buying a new car 1. Customization. One of the best reasons to buy a brand new car is that you can have it built just the way you want it. You don’t have to settle for (and pay for) the options that the original owner wanted on his or her vehicle. You can choose the exterior and interior colors that most appeal to you as well as your favorite audio package, wheel rims and wireless options. 2. Pristine maintenance. Another good reason to opt for a new rather than a used car is that, with a new car, you know exactly how that vehicle has been maintained. You’re in control of having it serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. You don’t have to rely on someone else’s word that the recommended maintenance has been performed. 3. Newest safety features. New safety features are added each model year. Even a vehicle that’s just a few years old may lack side air bags and features like rear view cameras and blind spot monitoring. 4. Better gas mileage. One of the most dramatic advances in car technology over the last few years is the increase in gas mileage. More fuel efficient engines have added an additional 10 MPG to the average car’s gas mileage in the last seven years. With the price of gas today, that fact alone could make a new car a better deal than an older model. 5. Dealer incentives. There are a number of attractive dealer incentives to buyers of new vehicles, depending on the season and how many cars that dealer has in inventory. These range from cash back to low or zero interest to merchandise and trips. While buying a new car isn’t the right choice for every driver, driving home in a brand new car isn’t just exciting. With a new car, you’ll be able to pick the options that best suit your taste and lifestyle as well as know that the car has been properly maintained and has all of the latest safety...

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4 Aspects That Could Affect Your Final Repair Shop Quote

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After the body of your car has become damaged, you’ll take it (or have it towed) to an auto body repair shop. Obviously, you’ll experience anxiety, partially because you’ll want to know what the damage is going to cost you.  In a perfect world, a technician would give your car a quick inspection and a firm repair quote, but there are usually other factors involved in how a repair technician arrives at a final repair quote, such as:  How Many Procedures Need To Be Accomplished During The Repair Ideally, all technicians would follow a standardized repair procedure, but this isn’t often the case. Some will throw out everything they’ve learned and use repair tactics that are most comfortable or expedient for their needs. Therefore, they won’t list that many line items or procedures on your estimate, and you might gain a false sense that your repairs doesn’t cost that much to repair.  On the other hand, some might hand you an entire list of procedures that need to be accomplished in order to finish your overall repair job. Of course, the more line items the technician lists, the more expensive your quote will be. The key is to find a reputable technician who can reasonably perform your repair with as few extraneous steps and procedures as possible.  The Bait And Switch Estimate Here’s something to be on the lookout for: if a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unscrupulous body shops entice new customers by offering quotes that are lower than what’s considered normal. Then, when the customer leaves their car in the car of the technician, then all of a sudden, new issues will be diagnosed, driving up the cost of the repairs.  At this point, most customers will feel helpless and pay the inflated fees-they usually want their car returned as quickly as possible. However, if you receive a quote that seems too good to be true, then trust your instincts. Make sure that you’re guaranteed a firm quote that doesn’t change later on.  The Types Of Parts That Are Used Parts are huge motivating factors regarding the repair quote that you’re offered. Of course, newer parts or custom parts are more expensive than recycled parts. However, recycled or re-purposed parts aren’t appropriate for all cars. For example, if your car is a newer model, then using older, re-purposed, or inferior parts will drive down the retail value of your car, and they could hurt the performance of your car! If you’ve ever wondered why different repair shops offer customers different quotes around town, then understand that there are a few factors affecting the quote. With this in mind, consider what’s best for your vehicle, and try to combine that with what’s best for your...

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